Desert Safari Dubai

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I have been moving around the world and in my trip
experience some things which would hold with me for rest of my lifestyle about
the world, ranks among them which I suffered during my Dubai trip was the
miraculous Desert safari. It is not
one human activity but is a blend of many thrilling and common activities.
Among all the products the most thrilling was the dune bashing – a roller
coaster ride over the gigantic wasteland dunes. I had a very skilled driver
with a most modern 4 wheel drive jeep of ABC Excursions Dubai performed a
perfect monitor of conquering the soft but significant sand dunes. At the dusk
after experiencing an unbelievable routine sunset we landed at the safari base
camp. A camp which was built like an age old Bedouin village made with palm
exits and goat hair cloth decor, traditional cushions, Persian rugs &
Arabian rug which reminded me of the Arabian fairy tales. The camp was also
possessed by the same company ABC Tours Dubai. We had exercises like camel
riding which was my wish to drive the ship of the sweets. I have seen the
photos Sheikhs and Maharajas used to light up the perfumed tobacco in Arabic
its called the “Shisha”. The smoke was full of flavours.

I made some tattoos with henna, posed with
Arabic dresses as Sheikh, and as the night contacted we had some great live
shows. There were 2 nice Arabic shows one the belly dancer and the other one
Egyptian man dancer and then a rich and tempting BBQ dinner. We really suggest
everyone to do a Desert safari in
Dubai. Its worthy of paying few dollars for a food with many pursuits.

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