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Hind IT Solution is Delhi based Digital Marketing
Company providing all sort of IT and Marketing Solutions since years. Services like Bulk SMS or Bulk email are the
necessity of any business. Hind IT solution is provider of these services at
beneficial rates. And it makes sure you get the best services in Delhi. There
are other options available but somewhere they can be ignored but not the texts
so Bulk SMS Services are best option to use for promotional or transactional

IT Solution has been frequently investing in sustaining the
infrastructure to provide best of work environment to our team members and to
serve our customers better. Our center has been equipped with leading
facilities and assures to provide high quality designs, E-commerce website services.

it solution is a leading Bulk SMS
messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight
from your internet enabled computer. The Bulk SMS doorway reaches across
borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

the major SMS Gateway in the world, covering more than 960 networks, Hind IT
Solution is completely situated to be one of the world’s most excellent Bulk
SMS service suppliers.


You can usefour
types of bulk SMS out you can use:

Bulk SMS High performance messaging solution

Send notifications
and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS including transactional,
promotional, short & long codes services. Deliver messages from your
computer or server speedily and simply, through the world's largest SMS
messaging network built.


You can choose how
to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to
your business' needs.


Our dedicated and
skilled support team is available for you 24/7, making sure your business
always runs smoothly.

Global connectivity, Good services

Hind IT Solution
offer outstanding terms for wholesale clients.

  • Fully
    featured Bulk SMS solution

  • High
    message throughput, no queues

  • Transactional
    SMS & Promotional SMS

  • Controlling
    SMS management and SMS messaging web portals

  • Unicode,
    binary and multi-part (concatenated) messages

  • Short
    & long codes bulk SMS

Get best bulk SMS
services offered by Hind IT Solution at affordable & reasonable cost.


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