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In short, China's soybean demand is Mushroom Growing 4 You seeing robust growth and exceeding supply, so the situation of import dependence should continue to exist. Soybean crisis is already a broad consensus in the industry, and if we include soybean into the grain category, then it may moving towards a grain crisis.The grain import dependence is calculated as the ratio between net grain imports and domestic apparent consumption volume (domestic output plus net imports). Since 2004, China's dependency on grain imports has been increasing significantly, and approaching 5% in 2006.

Apart from looking at grain import dependence, we have also examined edible oil imports, as importing edible oil is literally equivalent to importing soybean. Edible oil imports are following a similar upward trend with soybean imports. The increase has been 200-fold since 1986, with a record 8.4 million tonnes of edible oil imported in 2007. So if we assume a 20% oil extraction rate for soybean, it implies China's soybean import volume will need to further increase 45%.

Putting together edible oil and soybean imports, China's soybean import increase has therefore been extraordinarily rapid. In 2006 it imported soybean-equivalent of 43.6 million tonnes, and the figured is expected to exceed 50 million tonnes, amounted to 10% of China's apparent grain consumption, implying a mere 90% grain self-sufficiency rate. This rate is lower than the 95% target repeated stressed by the government. So in a sense, the soybean crisis is now posing a threat to China's grain security.

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