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the services of best IT solution provider


There are some IT services provider companies
that focus on working with small businesses and provide them different IT services
like bulk sms, bulk email and web designing BULK SMS DELHI. Such companies have excellent cost
effective package for such services and you can market your products in
thousands of rupees. All you need to choose is the best method of your business
marketing and these companies will serve you the best to market your products
in a specific city or region.

Promotional bulk sms services are used by businesses for promoting their
products and services. It is not applicable to all businesses and work mainly
for local businesses and help in converting sms into sales to the company. In
promotional sms, a certain sms is prepared and sent to the prospective
customers within the city and surrounding areas. Some people read and respond
on the promotion sms BULK

is usually accessed via mobile or our website, and permits you to make multiple
distribution lists of recipients that can be saved for future use, before
composing a message.

Promotional SMS is a marketing strategy
developed by a business to promote "product" or "service" .
The promotional sms is meant to get across a certain message about the
"product" or "service".one of the newer ways to market your
business is using sms .many business owners are skeptical about using sms as a
marketing tools because it may seem intrusive or only reserved for certain
businesses like the ringtone market. It is versatile & unique tool to
promote your business.

1. whereas some don’t. The persons who are in
need of such products and services get inclined to the client business and make
sales from them and result in increase in sales. There can be promotion sms from many businesses such
as astrology, banking and offers, education, loans and many others. There are
many benefits of promotional sms to the client which are mentioned below


It is fast and effective in today’s time as most
of the people keep mobile in their hands.

It is cost effective method of promotion and
will cost you less than other modes of marketing.

It helps you in building customer loyalty with
sms services.

It enhances the word of mouth that directly
leads to increase in sales.

It helps you in building your customer network.

It allows you to target right campaign to the
right customer at right time.

You can advertise directly to your customers
with complete information about your products and services.


Transactional Bulk Sms- Transaction sms is most often seen to
your mobile in the form of some information about your transaction mainly of
the banking services. Transactional messages are like mandatory information
given by your services provider to inform you about transaction that you made.
There are some categories that use transaction
such as financial institution & credit company sent information to
you, banks sent informational sms, E-commerce companies BULK

2. sent
customer information related to the e-commerce transaction, education
institutes sms regarding registered students, airlines and railway sent
informational sms related to travel schedule, train reservation and ticket
booking etc. and it also includes the registered companies sending
informational sms to their employees or staff or agents.


is delivered on both DND & NON DND SMS.

You get the services 24*7*365 days.

The transactional sms is delivered only to the
registered users.

Sms is sent instantly to the users.

Promotional sms has immediate reply from the
customer’s side.

The transactional sms has more frequency
depending on the number of customer’s transactions and is easy to use.

You are safe with transactional sms as it is delivered
to the registered users.

It is cost effective to the business company.

3. Bulk Email- Bulk email is one of the popular cost
effective methods to do promotion of your products and services. You are
provided outstanding emails created in HTML templates. Email titles are made
creative with technology and bulk email
helps the companies to do email marketing for their business. There are landing
pages and web forms for faster and easy construction of bulk email and with the help of software, the bulk emails are sent
to the prospective customers. With the help of software, you can send 80 k
emails per hour and market your business to your customers.

Features of Software of Bulk Email:

- The software is specially designed for sending bulk emails and
emails can be sent to the prospective customers in an organized format.

& Adaptability
- You can make changes in the email format and
make it suitable as per your need and it is also adaptable to your needs.

& Customization
- You can make changes in the bulk email format and customize it and
make suitable changes as per your business needs before finalizing the bulk
email format.

and Modifying
- You can monitor the activities of software and can modify as per
your situation and offers and schemes.

Versatility- It is versatile
software that is sufficient to cater all your marketing needs and can attract
more customers and conversion rates are high in bulk email.

Benefits of Bulk Email

There is high rate of return on the bulk email
and has faster response as compared to the other modes of marketing.


It is very cost effective method of marketing
your products and building relationships with your customers and prospects.

Bulk email allows you
to increase your conversion rates and build long lasting relationship with your

It allows you to provide your recommendations
and market your business.

Bulk emails allows you to reach to your
prospective customers and attain prospects at low prices.


4. Static Web Designing- Static website design is available in the
market and has variety of benefits for the small businesses that want to market
their products online at low cost. Static website has mainly pages which can
display images of your selected pages and static website design is best suitable for small businesses like showroom,
shop owners, small outlets and services. The static website pages do not change
until and unless the designer makes changes in it. So, it is suitable for small
business houses.

Features of static web designing

It generally contains 7-8 pages of products and
services of the small business.

You get the free domain name like .com, .in etc.

You get 500 mb free hosting space which you can
use for your business.

Some companies provide 10 email ids.

It is the basic seo services that are available
at lower cost.

Some companies provide 1 year maintenance of
such website for free.


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