Just How Effective Are The Various Natural Remedies For Treating ADD And ADHD?

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If a teen suffers from bouts of depression VitoBrain and they are given this drug, there is a very real risk of suicide. For this reason, the manufacturer of the drug is required to mention this on the data sheet, and the packaging also has to display an FDA Black Box Warning. If you have a teen with ADHD, please monitor him or her very closely for signs of depression, especially if they are taking prescription meds.

Countless parents are concerned about the potential side effects of ADHD medication, but is it really necessary? After all, the stimulant drugs which are predominantly used for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have been in use for decades already.Not only have these drugs been around for a long time, but as we all know, any new drug has to undergo extensive testing before it gets approved by the FDA for use on humans. Now, while I would never dream of disputing this, I at the same time have my doubts when it comes to these drugs.

For example, many of the studies which were done were funded by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these drugs. The results of the studies are then handed to the relevant health authorities in various countries. These governing bodies then decide whether or not the drugs can be prescribed and used in their respective countries.

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