Snacks for Beating Diabetes

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It is of primary importance to remember Frontline Diabetes type 2 diabetes is triggered by abdominal obesity which develops over a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure and no single solution; treatment is a combination of a healthy eating plan, exercise and additions like green tea to help you to reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels, and your weight.

This is the type of diabetes wherein the body is not able to produce the necessary insulin to transport the sugar from the blood going to the cells. This is also referred to as Juvenile Diabetes. It is usual that this type came from a virus or immunity disorder where the body can no longer recognize an organ as part of its own and starts to attack it. The body attacks the pancreas making it unable to produce the necessary insulin. This is usually diagnosed on people in their middle 30's to 40's but a surprising number of kids and toddlers develop this at a very early age.

The symptoms you can expect for this type of diabetes often develops on shorter periods, though beta cell destruction can begin in the earlier years. These symptoms include constant thirst, urination, and hunger beyond normal levels, extreme and constant fatigue, even blurry vision. If not treated, this can in turn develop into a fatal diabetic coma, most commonly referred to by doctors as diabetic ketoacidosis.

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