Tarot Readings - Simple Tips For Doing An Accurate Reading

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When we think about something or think The Vibration Jump Method about acting on something we must raise our awareness to our intention. The highest intention of our existence is love. God resides within us and we reside within God; we are one being. When we have high intentions of love then we are connected to the source and things flow to us with ease. Blessings are like waves in the ocean of love. If we lose our fear and trust the waves to take us to shore then we will reach it effortlessly. It's when we attempt to fight the waves when we find ourselves sinking to the depths of the unknown. And when some of us are in the unknown is when fear really begins to manifest. However, when one understands that love flows through the waves and beneath the waves then one will notice all the blessings surrounding him or her.

When blessings find its way to us it really is Love in all shapes and sizes from Mother-Father God/Allah/ All that is/ the creator/ the universe/etc. Blessings do not always have to be some enormous event in which the clouds part, the sun-sets, and we "See the light". Blessings can show up in the form of a phone call from an old friend whom you lost contact with. Blessings also have the tendency to appear in the form of what we need most at any given time. Perhaps, you need strength to fight a cold so you can continue to work on a work related project. Maybe, you need to be uplifted through words and a stranger chats with you briefly during your day. Perhaps, you "stumbled" on an article that was filled with words that were tied to a specific situation that you needed to read. Blessings are Love and Love takes the form of whatever is needed for you to prosper and be fulfilled. If you're able to take a step back and observe all the blessings you had in your life, you will realize how loved and supported you are. Have you ever been in a situation and suddenly have a peaceful change of heart? Metaphorically speaking, have you ever been traveling down your path and were thinking about going left, then you ended up taking a right? Then later found out that taking that "right" was a blessing.

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