The Mystery of Faith - Part 1

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His past life as a fierce warrior included Tao Of Rich many triumphs, though toward the end of his mercenary career he had a split-second decision to make in the heat of battle and inadvertently massacred his fellow warrior's (one of his best buddies) wife. The event devastated him and he died with an enormous amount of guilt, even though he did the best he could under the circumstances.

The cosmos can surprise us with moments that change us forever. One of these moments happened in my life over 30 years ago, and its radiance is still lighting my path today. We are all able to have these moments of grace. The key is being able to get out of the way so that the light can shine into and through us completely. Here's how it happened for me.

It was an early fall morning in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I awoke before dawn to escape the noise and busyness of my relatives' house. My daily routine, then as now, included a morning walk and meditation, so I slipped outside and began walking. I walked for over an hour on wooded streets and rolling hills until I discovered a beautiful lake with a few homes nestled around it. I headed down to a wooden dock where I sat in my yoga pose, legs crossed and hands open on my knees, facing east as the sun peeked over the trees. I closed my eyes and began the practice I'd been doing a couple years: using a deep exhale to empty the personal self, inhaling and filling up with God's presence as light, and breathing that light all the way down to my toes.

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