Type 2 Diabetes - Five High GI-Foods That Are Diabetic Friendly

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Nutritional supplements include vitamins, Blood Balance Advanced Formula minerals, herbs, phytonutrients or plant nutrients, or substances found in the metabolic pathways of your body. As you already know, vitamins and minerals are substances your body requires to survive.Herbs are not required by the body but they have been used for thousands of years to correct disturbances in the body, even serious disease. Phytonutrients are some of the ingredients found in herbs and plants that work to reverse certain health conditions.

Peripheral neuropathy is a diabetic complication when your hands and feet become very difficult to feel. They go numb. When this happens, you know the nerves are not being fed properly. They need the extra nutrients so they can work as they were meant to. That's when supplements can make a big difference.

The diabetes glycemic index was developed in the 1980s by researchers who were looking for a way to help diabetics deal with monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels. Since that time, the diabetes glycemic index has gone on to help not only diabetics, but also those looking to closely monitor blood glucose levels around the world. The glycemic index (aka 'GI') system works by calculating what foods have the highest and the lowest impact on blood sugar levels. This valuable tool is then used to help diabetics and others determine what foods they can and cannot eat.

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