What's Best: Morning or Evening Workouts?

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Some nutritious and healthy breakfast ideas Epishield Plus recommended by food nutrition experts include omelets, boiled eggs, French toast, dry toast with low fat butter, jam or marmalade, cornflakes and low fat milk, oats with nuts and fruits, cheese slices and a slice of fruit. If you are in a hurry and cannot find the time to have an elaborate and sit down breakfast, prepare a power smoothie with fruits, nuts, milk or yoghurt. This can be carried in a bottle and consumed on the way too which is great for saving time. Fruit smoothies are also a great idea as a mid day snack for you as well as your children instead of munching on high calorie chips and fast food.

If your children are not interested in taking the typical breakfast or eggs and toast, then try new recipes which is not only fun and interesting but also contain the right food nutrition to keep them energetic throughout the day. Leftover meat or chicken pieces are great for the next morning breakfast; you can use this to make a healthy pizza with fresh veggies and chicken pieces but go easy on the cheese. You can also make grilled sandwiches using fresh vegetables and smother it with low fat homemade mayo which is healthy as well as enjoyed by children.

Whether it's a ritual fast or prolonged starvation of the most involuntary kind, people have studied the effects of total food deprivation extensively. Some people view starvation as a traumatic ill that besets far too many members of the human population, while others think of it as a temporary method to cleanse your system by giving your system time to process all the food in your intestines. Either way, the effects of starvation on your body have been well documented, and occur in five phases. In today's article we will examine what those five phases are, and help you understand what happens to your body if you decide to fast.

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